In the state of California, an annulment takes place when a court declares that a marriage was never legally binding or valid, such as in incestuous relationships or marriages in which bigamy was involved.

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Some other reasons for an annulment include being forced into marriage or having an underage partner. Keep in mind, though, that annulments are quite difficult to get, and you will have to appear before a judge at a hearing.

People who believe that they have sufficient reason for an annulment can apply for one in front of a judge. You should note that under the California Family Code, there are set time limitations that require you to file for an annulment within four years from the date of the marriage.

If a party was underage at the time of the marriage, he or she would not be legally entitled to marry; thus, the court would grant an annulment. Additionally, if a person believed that he or she was forced or coerced into marriage and he or she has the ability to demonstrate to the judge such circumstances, an annulment may be ordered in your favor. Further considerations could include newly-discovered information that might point to a fraud or misrepresentation at the time of the marriage. The revelation of such information could result in an annulment.

If a judge agrees that all of the necessary conditions have been met, he or she will issue an order nullifying the marriage, and doing so will have the effect of restoring both parties to the same status of unmarried persons. An experienced Los Angeles, South Bay, or Torrance family lawyer can offer you further advice about your legal rights and options. He or she will examine the information and the case law in order to make a decision with respect to the possibilities of the success of the action in court.

Your attorney will also see to it that the appropriate forms and documents are prepared and forwarded to the court, and most importantly, he or she will represent your interests in front of the judge considering this request.

If you need a skilled Los Angeles, South Bay, or Torrance family lawyer to assist you with an annulment, please call Daigneault Law at (800) 682-7490 for a free consultation.

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