Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Did you know you may still be able to receive social security benefits based on your former spouse’s earnings after your divorce? You need to have been married at least ten years (another reason why the ten-year mark is significant) and meet other ... Read more

  On a regular basis clients will inquire about an investment loss which occurs during the marriage and whether the spouse controlling that investment can be held liable and charged with the loss at the time of dissolution of the marriage based ... more

  Those who have spent any time in a family law court have seen the judge busily tapping away on his computer before rendering an order for child support. Federal law requires that each state develop uniform guidelines to determine the amount of... more

  The need for child support does not begin when a child is born, but rather it begins many months sooner. Courts have held that even unborn children are owed a duty of support from their fathers. Support can be assessed against a father while t... more

  5 Things To Keep In Mind When Co-Parenting With Your Ex After Divorce Our focus is always the children. In any case where children are involved, this is the most important and often times the most difficult issue. We work with fantastic collat... more

  Court OK’s ‘Reasonable’ Spanking, But Experts Still Say No I don’t know of any Los Angeles or Orange County Judge that would allow this to go on in a family law case. If it is going on, we put an immediate end to it. If... more

The family law legal community is buzzing. The California Supreme Court issued a much anticipated ruling this week regarding date of separation in the case of IRMO Davis. The date of separation can have a profound effect on many issues in a divorce, ... more

The dress, the location, the florist, what else is there to do before the big day? If you are like many recent newlyweds, it’s the Prenuptial Agreement. With today’s couples delaying marriage much longer and well into their careers, Prenuptial Ag... more

The practice of family law encompasses difficult relationship problems that can seem intractable. Various factors and complexities may come into play that can affect the outcome of each case differently. Such intricacies of the law coupled with each ... more

Los Angeles couples who have been married less than five (5) years may qualify for a Summary Dissolution, a much more simple divorce process set forth in the California Family Code. To qualify you must at least meet the following criteria. 1) Less th... more