Family Law Problems Are Difficult To Deal With…We Can Help

The practice of family law encompasses difficult relationship problems that can seem intractable. Various factors and complexities may come into play that can affect the outcome of each case differently. Such intricacies of the law coupled with each individual’s set of unique facts requires the assistance of an experienced and competent family law attorney to address your family law issues.

The Competent Lawyers of Daigneault, Abel & Daigneault

The attorneys of Daigneault, Abel & Daigneault combine more than 100 years of experience in the Los Angeles family law courts. Attorneys Philip Michael Daigneault, Wendy Jones, and Ester Kim have the knowledge and resources to put you in a position to reach your maximum potential.

The attorneys offer experience in the field of family law, combined with an uncommon commitment to exceptional client service. They understand the high level of anxiety their clients feel when dealing with family law issues. They help reduce that anxiety by educating them and letting them know where they are going with their case.

Taking Family Law to a New Level

The goal of Daigneault, Abel & Daigneault is to provide the highest-caliber professional services in a way that provides maximum value to clients. They have leveraged their technology with features such as their web and smartphone based client link. This allows clients to access their files online.

The firm has also launched a new educational website, This site allows clients, as well as anyone with a family law question, to get answers, find helpful resources, and read about the latest developments in family law.

Call Us Today!

If you are seeking a Los Angeles family law attorney for your family law issues, the attorneys at Daigneault, Abel & Daigneault can assist you. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please call us at toll free at 888-861-1404.


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