Should you consider mediating your divorce online?

Benefits of Online Mediation with Divorce Lawyer

Did you know that you can settle your divorce from the comfort of your own home? In this post, we outline 4 benefits of online mediation that couples consider when comparing their marriage dissolution options.
With Online Mediation, clients meet virtually with their Mediator and Case Manager to work out the issues of their case. During these meetings, they share and edit documents relevant to their case and needed to finalize their divorce. The Mediators can meet online with the parties either together or one-on-one.


Here are 4 benefits of online mediation:


1. Mediation saves money.


The cost of a typical litigated divorce is many tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a lot of work both for the law firms and the parties going through it. It doesn’t have to be that way. Many mediations can be completed for less than $1,000*.


* Filing fees paid to the court are additional.


2. Mediation preserves relationships.


Make no mistake about it. Going to trial in a family law case is like going into battle. Every point must be proven with competent evidence. Parties will be forced to face difficult cross examination while giving testimony from a witness stand. It may create animosity with the opposing party, which prevents any further civil discourse. In cases involving children, this is harmful to children.


3. Mediation is better for the children.


Children feel their parent’s pain. They want to protect the parent they feel is being attacked. Taking an aggressive posture in litigation, while sometimes necessary, is emotionally difficult for your children. If parents can maintain a relationship that allows them to co-parent and help foster a relationship with the other parent, they will also foster a better relationship for themselves.


4. Having control of the process reduces anxiety.


Clients have shared with me the anxiety caused by not knowing what to expect when they go to court. We have tried to address this in our litigation cases through client education but the truth is, when we put your case in the hands of someone else, a judge, no one but that judge can truly, completely, control the outcome. Family law is unique in the amount of discretion given to judges in making decisions. Judges will do what they believe is fair. That can be very different than what you and your attorney think is fair.


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