Advice for Successfully Shared Parenting Agreements After Divorce

Mother going through a divorce in Torrance California

As a parent going through a divorce, it will be virtually impossible for you to know when a particular subject might arise or what type of parenting issues will come up to disrupt the divorce process. However, one thing is for sure–you should address the problem as soon as possible.

There are some common themes in parenting, but the ways in which they are presented to you can range from calm reminders and conversations to blunt statements and commands.  A knowledgeable Los Angeles family law lawyer will tell you that actions that run contrary to sound parenting will damage your children and also hurts the divorce process as a whole.

For instance, seeing your children whenever the mood hits you (or whenever you have the time) simply will not work.  Unlike you, children need structure in order to feel safe and develop normally.  Showing up at odd times will create a stressful environment for the children and the other parent.  Simply put, you must make time for your children based upon their needs, not yours.

Additionally, it may be a good idea for you to create a set of calendars and highlight or circle dad’s days in blue and mom’s days in pink.  Make copies for each parent and hang them up in the kitchen of each parent’s home.  Doing this will be more for the child’s benefit than yours, but it will demonstrate some sort of structure, much like having regular meals and regular bedtimes.

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