After the Divorce: Guidelines for Contact With the Children

In an effort to maintain a positive and strong parent-child relationship, contact between parents and their children (particularly after a divorce) should be quality time that is spent enjoying each other without the intrusion of others. Bringing other people to a visit with your children may weaken the entire parent-child experience and cause unnecessary stress on the child.

Furthermore, the children may take your bringing another person to a visit as you simply not caring enough to give them your undivided attention during their time of contact. Thus, it is crucial that you keep the best interests of the children in mind when examining the way in which you act and conduct yourself. A skillful Los Angeles family law attorney can further advise you with respect to your current contact situation.

Additionally, parents should always try to keep the contact schedule and tell the other parent, in advance, if he or she cannot abide by the schedule. You should not make any changes if at all possible, but instead, adjust everything else so that you will be there and be on time. If you fail to keep a contact without telling the other parent, the child may see it as rejection. That said, it is still possible that parents may need to re-evaluate and occasionally adjust the contact schedule in accordance with the children’s age, health, and interests.

As difficult as divorce can be on all parties involved, parents sometimes feel as though they are no longer needed. They often want to know why they should even bother with maintaining contact with the children. Keep in mind, however, that contact is primarily for the children. Children need to maintain a close relationship and personal contact with both their mother and their father. For that reason, the contact should be a meaningful one for both the parents and the children. Even though you as parents have not been able to get along in the past, the children still need both of you in order for them to have a chance at growing up in a normal manner.

While fun activities and events may add to the pleasure of your visit, the most important thing is spending quality time with the children. Spending time together is far more important than any of the material things that you may give them. If you need an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney, please call Daigneault Law for a free consultation.