Successful Shared Parenting after a Divorce

Often, divorcing parents find it very difficult to agree on how their children should be raised; however, the dissention is often worse after a divorce. Nevertheless, there are some things that you, as a parent, should come to realize and accept.

For example, you cannot regulate what your ex-spouse feeds or does not feed your kids. If he or she thinks that fast food is the best thing since sliced bread, you cannot change that. However, what you can do is ensure that your children are fed properly when you are parenting them. Also, you can go the extra mile and choose to directly pay for their school lunches to make sure that they at least get those. You can also send their vitamins home with them and follow up to make sure that they are, in fact, taking them.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to keep a log of everything that takes place as far as the kids are concerned, because if an issue arises and the kids’ welfare is being threatened, a court may be able to intervene. A knowledgeable Los Angeles family law attorney can help you set up and keep a log that contains pertinent information for a court, should things progress to that level.

There’s no doubt that parents see things differently when it comes to their children, and admittedly, some tactics appear to work better than others. Nonetheless, courts will usually not get in the way of your ex-spouse’s parenting of the children while they are in his or her care. If your ex is not providing the children with what you think they need, then it is your job to see that they get it while they are with you.

Further, with regard to your visits with the children, it is crucial that you keep those visits as regular as possible and always be on time for them. Leaving a child waiting for you by the door because you promised to pick him up at a certain time does not hurt your ex-spouse nearly as much as it hurts the child. It sends a certain message to your child such that he or she may think that you really don’t care about him or her enough to make the effort. Therefore, maintain the parenting schedule as though it were the most important thing in your life. And if something does happen where you can’t pick your child up on time, or if the schedule changes, be sure to call your ex or the child immediately.

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