Understanding Alimony

Alimony, commonly known as spousal support, is a payment that is made on a monthly basis to cover everyday expenses. Alimony ensures the financial security of an individual after a divorce or separation. Under California law, either party to a divorce may be entitled to alimony, depending on the person’s financial situation.

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How is Alimony Calculated in CA?

Often times in marriage, one spouse earns a large portion of the family’s income. The other spouse may either work part-time or take care of the children and the household. Whenever there is a major difference in the earning potential of one spouse from the other, the spouse who earns less may be entitled to spousal support. A qualified Torrance family law attorney can assist you with handling the particulars of your case.

Determining the amount and duration of alimony.

Alimony can be temporary or permanent and is based on the needs of each spouse. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when determining the duration and amount of support to be given. Marital factors include the length of the marriage and standard of living of the parties prior to the divorce. Other factors include the age and income of both parties.

During the marriage, one spouse may have put their career on hold to raise children. This spouse may be entitled to compensation depending on how long they were out of the workforce.

The purpose of temporary alimony is to sustain both parties’ current financial situation during the divorce. This period of time the time of the initial separation up until the final division of property. Much like child support, temporary alimony is based on a statutory formula. Factors that are taken into consideration are both parties’ incomes as well as healthcare and childcare costs.

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