Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation also known as unbundling is an option for clients who cannot afford or do not need an attorney to represent their entire case. Limited scope representation allows an attorney and their client to have a contractual agreement that limits the scope of the attorney’s representation and limits the services the attorney will perform.

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Limited Scope Representation

When is Limited Scope Representation the right choice?
Limited Scope Representation is appropriate for the In Pro Per litigant who cannot afford full representation but would still like assistance from an attorney with the following:

  • Preparing documents accurately
  • Preparing the case or trial briefs better than if left on their own
  • Obtaining representation for portions of their cases, such as court hearings, and
  • Obtaining assistance in preparing, understanding and enforcing court orders

New California Rules for Limited Scope Representation

California Rules of Court 5.70 and 5.71 protect both the attorney and the consumer (prospective client). Under California Rule 5.70, an attorney in a family law matter can assist a party in preparing documents without disclosing their assistance within the text of the document. The rule does not apply to an attorney who has made a general appearance or has agreed to make an appearance on any issue that is the subject of the pleadings.

California Rule of Court 5.71 offers a procedure for withdrawing from a case in which the lawyer has appeared as attorney of record and the client has not signed a substitution of attorney form. This rule is applicable to California family law attorneys who often worry when it comes to making a family court appearance, that once he/she is involved in a family law case, he/she may have difficulty ending that involvement.

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