Parental Relocation

Parental Relocation

One of the biggest fears of most parents is losing the loving relationship that they have established with their child or children. Regardless of whether parents are separated from a child because of a divorce, or if they’ve never permanently lived with their child, they still want to guard the quality face-to-face time that they share.

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Issues can arise, however, when parents live in different states or even different parts of town. Parents cannot simply move a child out of town or out of the state without sufficient cause. If a child custody order exists, a parent must notify the other parent that he or she intends to leave and a request must be made to the court to modify the child custody and visitation arrangement. A knowledgeable Los Angeles, Torrance, or South Bay family law attorney can help you with making your request, if necessary.

Once the request has been made, the non-custodial parent will then have the right to contest the request. Please note that if you move a child any significant distance without the authorization of the court, you could be held in contempt of your court order and could face serious legal penalties. California family courts always prefer to guard the parent-child relationship as much as possible. That said, the court will want to know the circumstances of the move, and it will consider whether or not it is in the child’s best interest. Situations in which relocation may be requested are when one parent gets a new job that pays more money, he or she gets remarried, or any other financial or familial changes that may occur.

If a court grants the request to relocate the child, the custodial and non-custodial parents will need to set up a new parenting arrangement that will take into account how the child will have to travel back and forth to see the other parent. Any changes in child custody may also trigger a modification of the initial child support agreement. If you need a skilled Los Angeles, Torrance, or South Bay family law attorney, please call Daigneault Law (800) 682-7490 for a free consultation.

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