Although obviously not a Divorce matter Paternity cases are also handled in the family Law Courts.

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Many of the same determination are needed such as Child Custody, Child Visitation and Support. Sometimes an initial determination of Paternity must be made as well through scientific DNA testing.

Daigneault Law has been helping parties in their Paternity cases for more than 30 years. Please call to discuss your issues or call to set up a low cost initial consultation.

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Did you know that the termination of child support can be used as a basis for increasing spousal support?  It can, but only if you act right away.  Family Code section 4326 provides that “…the termination of child su...

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The spousal support people pay is about to become a lot more expensive.  Presently a spousal support payor deducts the payments on their W2 and the payee must include them on theirs.  Under the proposed tax reform this income sh...

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Did you know you may still be able to receive social security benefits based on your former spouse’s earnings after your divorce? You need to have been married at least ten years (another reason why the ten-year mark is signific...

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