Overview of Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Because a substantial number of owners and operators of cars and trucks in the United States fail to maintain adequate insurance coverage or operate their vehicles without any insurance coverage at all, many motor vehicle insurance policies contain provisions for underinsured motorist coverage, some... Read more

A spouse may file an action against the defendant spouse alleging that based upon fraud or deceit she entered the marriage in reliance upon the defendant’s false representations, which were made in order to induce the plaintiff to marry the defendant. In order for one to file a claim for fraud... Read More

Depending upon the state, interfering with an agreement to marry may be a civil offense or a tort. However, the majority of states do not recognize a claim for interfering with an agreement to marry. Although most states recognize the claim of tortious interference with a business relation or with a... Read More

Courts generally prohibit parties from using the adoption process to achieve purposes that would have a detrimental economic effect on the children involved. An attempt by a birth parent to adopt his or her own children for the purpose of terminating the other birth parent’s relationship with ... Read More

Discovery of Property During Divorce Proceedings During a divorce proceeding, the parties are entitled to conduct discovery. Discovery is a process by which each party can ask questions in depositions and inspect each other’s financial and business records to discover the total assets and liab... Read More

Dividing the Family Business In many marriages, spouses have run a business together. The family-owned business constitutes a marital asset. It probably constitutes a large, if not one of the largest marital assets. It would not be practical to require the parties to run the business together. Typic... Read More

Introduction Spousal support can be one of the most difficult issues to resolve in divorce. Spousal support, which is also referred to as alimony, involves an obligation by one spouse to make financial payments to the other spouse. Permanent spousal support involves the payment of support after a di... Read More

Introduction Military divorce involves a member of the uniformed services and his or her spouse, who may or may not be in the services. Even though military divorce may be similar to a usual divorce, there are a few differences, such as legal protections, jurisdiction of court, residency requirement... Read More

One issue that arises in divorce proceedings is the use and possession of the family home, particularly when the spouses are living in the same house and both require use and possession of the home. If the parties have minor children, the custodial parent usually receives the right to use and posses... Read More

Collaborative law is a method of family law dispute resolution in which divorcing spouses settle their differences out of court. The trend towards collaborative law developed from a desire to avoid lengthy legal and court proceedings while still reaching a compromise mutually acceptable to all parti... Read More