Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Common Divorce Mistakes - South Bay Lawyer

A lot of divorce cases start with hotly-contested issues; however, approximately 95% of divorce cases actually settle. The quicker that you and your ex-spouse can separate your feelings about the divorce from what you both know is fair, the smoother your path to settlement will be. Keep in mind, though, that there are some common divorce mistakes that will undoubtedly extend and toughen the road that you choose to travel to get to that settlement.

Whether you proceed with or without a capable Los Angeles family law lawyer, you will be required to gather all of your financial records and account for any property that you have. Some people choose to do this secretly, believing that this will give them some sort of advantage or special ability to control the process. However, the secrecy won’t do anything except harming the trust that exists between you and your ex-spouse because your advance preparation will undoubtedly be exposed.

Additionally, if you are the person who initiated the divorce, you should try to be as straightforward and candid about your plans as possible. Many people simply wait for their negative feelings to be found out, and this cowardly approach almost always increases the cost of the divorce because the non-initiating party then feels the need to have all documents examined by his or her attorney.

Further, keep in mind that if you have children, your relationship will not end once you are divorced. The relationship will take on a different form, and your joint cooperation will remain crucial. If you need a Los Angeles family law lawyer, please call DA&D Law at (310) 540-2515 for a free consultation.


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