When Child Support Ends, Spousal Support Can Increase

Did you know that the termination of child support can be used as a basis for increasing spousal support?  It can, but only if you act right away.  Family Code section 4326 provides that "...the termination

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Tax Reform and Spousal Support

The spousal support people pay is about to become a lot more expensive.  Presently a spousal support payor deducts the payments on their W2 and the payee must include them on theirs.  Under the proposed tax

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Social Security Benefits after Divorce

Did you know you may still be able to receive social security benefits based on your former spouse’s earnings after your divorce? You need to have been married at least ten years (another reason why the

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investment loss during marriage

Investment Losses During Marriage. Is the Managing Spouse Responsible?

  Clients often inquire about investment losses that occur during the marriage. They want to know whether the spouse controlling that investment can be held liable and charged with the loss at the time

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How Child Support is Calculated in California

  Those who have spent any time in a family law court have seen the judge busily tapping away on his computer before rendering an order for child support. Federal law requires that each state develop

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Co-Parenting After Divorce

  5 Things To Keep In Mind When Co-Parenting With Your Ex After Divorce Our focus is always the children. In any case where children are involved, this is the most important and often times the most

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The family law legal community is buzzing. The California Supreme Court issued a much anticipated ruling this week regarding date of separation in the case of IRMO Davis. The date of separation can have a

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PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS: They can be good for everyone.

The dress, the location, the florist, what else is there to do before the big day? If you are like many recent newlyweds, it’s the Prenuptial Agreement. With today’s couples delaying marriage much longer

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Common Divorce Mistakes - South Bay Lawyer

Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of divorce cases start with hotly-contested issues; however, approximately 95% of divorce cases actually settle. The quicker that you and your ex-spouse can separate your feelings about the divorce from

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Mother going through a divorce in Torrance California

Advice for Successfully Shared Parenting Agreements After Divorce

As a parent going through a divorce, it will be virtually impossible for you to know when a particular subject might arise or what type of parenting issues will come up to disrupt the divorce process. However,

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