California Family Law – Frequently Asked Questions

CalDisso by Daigneault Law is a Torrance family law firm that assists people with numerous family law issues. Here are some questions we frequently encounter about family law:

1. What benefits does a premarital agreement offer?

A premarital agreement allows couples to supersede California community property laws and keep property and assets separate—such as real estate property acquired prior to marriage or the income earnings of each spouse during marriage. If the couple decides to end their marriage, a premarital agreement can make divorce less contentious, time consuming, and costly.

2. What are the advantages of divorce mediation over litigation?

There are many advantages to mediation. Here are just a few of them:

  • Mediation is generally cheaper and less time consuming than litigation, even if only some issues are handled through mediation.
  • Spouses are able to discuss issues and reach agreements, rather than having the court decide for them.
  • Mediation is not an adversarial process like courtroom litigation.
  • Mediation allows couples time to air disagreements and consider solutions.
  • Spouses can have attorneys present with them during mediation and later discuss issues with their lawyers.

3. What are the benefits of collaborative divorce?

Spouses and their Torrance family law lawyers begin the collaborative divorce process by agreeing to resolve issues outside of court and not resorting to litigation. Attorneys act as negotiators rather than adversaries and help the couple reach settlements. Other professionals–such as financial consultants, marriage coaches, or specialist–may be brought in to advise and offer solutions. Everyone works through a team effort to achieve goals and protect the interests of both spouses and their children.

4. Do I need a Torrance family law lawyer for divorce?

Most divorces require legal help, especially if the issues are complex or contested. If you have been married for less than five years and you have no children and few debts or assets, you may be able to file for a summary divorce. In this case you do not need a lawyer.

5. How long does a California divorce take?

Generally, a divorce takes from six to 18 months.

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